Smoking Alternatives

Finding a healthy alternative to replace this habit is often easier said than done. Here are the three main alternatives to smoking that can help you quit.

Benefits of quitting smoking

The only way to stop such harmful effects is by dropping this habit completely. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the top benefits of quitting smoking.

Support Channels

Science-based quit smoking strategies, expert resources, and thousands of former smokers will help you stop smoking.

Select a Method

If you wish to quit smoking, you will find that there are several ways you can go about the process.

Smoking & Driving Ban In The Near Future?

It may seem a little far fetched and even on the line of invading our Constitutional Rights for the United States Government to ban drivers from smoking, but the dangers seem to outweigh any benefits if any. Polls have shown that over 50% of drivers would not be against a ban on smoking and driving. Studies have also shown that the most dangerous part of smoking and driving is the actual lighting of the cigarette or cigar. They say that this takes the driver’s attention completely off of the road for a second or more assuming it lights up on the first attempt. Another major concern related to smoking and driving is the danger of the vehicle catching fire from a loose ash or dropped cigarette or cigar. If this is not enough reason to consider stopping smoking and driving, perhaps if you have children or young adults that frequently ride in the vehicle that are put at risk for dangerous second hand smoke will be. Doctors have proved that second hand smoke can be very dangerous and even deadly if exposed to it for a lengthy period of time. The worst fear of researchers, politicians, motorists and law enforcement is that smoking, much like texting and driving, will eventually cause a deadly crash. On the lighter side of the scale, another scenario that could be caused perhaps by smoking and driving would be wrecking your vehicle into a tree or pole with only yourself in the car. Assuming you receive no major injuries, the only negative would be your totaled out car. Big deal? You can just call one of those CASH FOR CARS companies like CARCASHTODAY and turn that piece of junk wrecked vehicle into fast cash! Maybe it would be better to just avoid the whole headache. Many believe the best solution to preventing these possible tragedies would be to just ban smoking and driving in the United States. This ban may be taking place sooner then most drivers realize. Is it really enforceable or is it just going to hand more of our hard earned tax dollars to the law enforcement agencies that are going to be held responsible for enforcing this smoking and driving ban?

First introduced to the Chinese domestic market in May 2004, electronic cigarettes is intended to be used as aid for smoking cessation and replacement. Since then, electronic cigarettes have become the latest buzz for people who are trying to quit smoking, even until now in 2013. Known as e-cigarettes, this industry bounced up as a purportedly doable solution to quitting smoking which imposes good reason for smokers - the electronic cigarette is not essentially a cigarette, but it works like one because it soothes the strong cravings for nicotine.

E-cigarettes are primarily created to look and feel like real cigarettes, to the extent of creating those that give off synthetic smoke without really containing any tobacco. The electronic cigarette user inhales nicotine vapour, very similar to that which is found in traditional tobacco minus the carcinogens found in it. This has become very appealing because of the absence of the harmful elements that jeopardize the health of the smoker and the people surrounding him. Plus, smoking e-cigarettes can no longer contribute to air pollution.

Basically, each electronic cigarette can be divided into three parts; the battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge containing the liquid. The nicotine cartridge that holds the liquid nicotine is a simple combination of water, glycerine and nicotine. The moment a user inhales it, a small battery-operated atomizer converts a little amount of liquid nicotine into vapour. It only takes a few seconds before the nicotine vapour hits the user, a lot faster as compared to patches and gum, which takes a minute or two to take effect.

Every time the user inhales, there is a small LED light placed at the tip of the e-cigarette that automatically glows to orange simulated to smoking a real cigarette. You can find nicotine cartridges in the market that comes in several strengths. Like what most major brands offer, the user can choose from full strength, half strength or minimal strength.

Using electronic cigarettes is highly preferred as compared to the nicotine patches or gum because it is much quicker in terms of effect. And subconsciously, those gums and patch alternatives fail to replicate the feelings achieved by inhaling smoke from a cylindrical object. Plus, some high-end e-cigarettes genially imitate that after-effect smoke, which is pretty amazing.

E-cigarettes since then became available to several vendors like drugstores, shops in malls, cigarette shops, but in order to get one with the best price, you just have to surf the Internet, like any commerce that doesn't have costs as high as regular shops.

With an estimated rate of 45.3 million American people who are consistently smoking, electronic cigarettes are designed to help people kick that hard habit in hopes that as they get used to using the e-cigarette, they can progressively reduce the strength, until reach the point of totally quitting it.


Smoking Hazards

heart-attack-n-aAre you a smoker? There are several Health hazards of smoking that you should know. After knowing these adverse effects that smoking can cause to your body, likely quitting will be your next venture. Smoking is such serious that it can cause death.



Electronic cigaretteThe health negatives associated with smoking are well documented–emphysema, coronary diseases and cancer have long been linked to smoking. Despite knowing this, nicotine has addiction properties that just won’t allow you to quit.



There are many E cigarette brands out there and many are marketed to the young generation of men and women across the world. Electronic cigarettes have made a huge impact on today’s youth because of the medical reason and their eco-friendly packaging.